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Top 4 Reasons to consider a Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are not only functional, the range of post options available allows you to create walls with crisp angles or soft curves, while the sheer breadth of sleeper textures and colours will add to the design appeal of your garden. The experts list four key reasons to consider a retaining wall for your garden.

Minimise Erosion on a Sloping Block

Is your home on a sloping block? You may have a soil slope that needs to be contained or a beautifully lawned sloping area. When it rains, these zones are subject to runoff and erosion. Retaining walls can add a functional element to your sloping yard by providing a barrier to contain the soil and reduce unwanted land movements.

Create More Usable Space in Your Garden

Retaining walls are the ideal way to create more usable space in your garden. It may be tiering a sloping yard to create new garden beds, building more functional spaces like patios, outdoor seating areas, walkways throughout the garden, terracing the garden for soft scaping or hardscaping. Or using retaining walls in compact gardens to create the illusion of more space by building layers of elevation for additional seating or planting areas.

Reduce the Chance of Flooding

When we have severe weather events, flooding is a risk when the level of rain falling exceeds the amount that can be absorbed by the soil. Retaining walls, when coupled with drainage solutions can divert water flows away from your home to minimise the risk of damage to your property.

Add to Your Garden Aesthetic

Creating the right design aesthetic for your garden is a combination of your plant selection, use of garden art and your choice of retaining wall sleepers. Whether you are creating a patio area or adding to your overall landscape, retaining walls can be built with soft curving lines, crisp angles and step downs for different levels. Sleepers can be a key structural element of the garden, with a strong influence on the overall visual result. Are you a traditionalist who leans toward treated timbers or prefer the ‘set and forget’ of concrete? There are plenty of concrete options to choose from including woodgrain embossing, the heritage effect of split stone, smooth faced concrete sleepers for clean lines or the contemporary styling of stacked stone. Sleepers are also available in a range of earthy tones, sandstone and shades of grey to complete the colour palette of your garden.

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